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Summi Summi

Linen Pants - Graffiti Butterfly Khaki

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Get ready to take to the streets in these Graf’d Linen Pants. The perfect blend of urban edge and feminine charm, these pants will surely make a statement. Made with high-quality linen for comfort and style. 


Graffiti Butterfly Print

We wanted this collection to radiate elevated vibes and feature the magical elements of nature such as the butterfly. Inspired by a trip to Europe where the street art was oozing, and looking to create something unique and gender neutral, the graffiti print featuring our Summi butterfly was born!


Sizing: Model wears size small. We recommend sizing up if you're in-between.

Fabrication: Linen/ Rayon blend

Product care: Cold gentle wash/ hand-wash only to avoid shrinkage of natural fibres. If shrinkage occurs use an iron to stretch fabric back to place.